Exceedingly idealistic.
Quixotics (Spring 2020) was born out of my love for the word "Quixotic," which means "exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical." I wanted to brand a design studio that celebrated the unrealistic and strived to create impossibly good work. As a fun added challenge to keep me in line with the idealistic/impractical mindset, I gave myself one 3-day weekend to complete the concept from ideation to execution.
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
In order to achieve this unrealistic (and dare I say wacky) vibe, I collaged and edited everyday photos on top of whimsical backgrounds. I then contrasted this imagery with brutalist-style text in black and white.

Photographs from Unsplash (furniture pictures from Inside Weather), edited by me.


Fonts used: Sporting Grotesque (by Lucas Le Bihan, George Triantafyllakos, & Maciej Polczynski from Velvetyne Type Foundry) and EB Garamond Italic.

Let's Talk.

Whether you want to discuss all things design, work on a project together, or argue about the best and worst typefaces (I have a crush on the typeface Mabry) come chat! 

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