some  facts you didn't ask for

1). I'm a licensed scuba diver.

2). I have gained and lost 15 pounds throughout quarantine.

3). I have a special place in my heart for Wingstop. If you have any wing places to suggest, I kindly ask you to hit my line.

Woah, hello there!

I'm Katrina! I’m a fourth-year at UC Berkeley, studying environmental, graphic, branding, and product design. I'm passionate about creating visuals that tell stories and designing brand experiences that improve everyday lives. Previously, I was a visual design intern at Herman-Scheer. I come from a very multidisciplinary background (I've taken some wacky classes and now know how to calculate the rate at which energy flows through rooms, how to sustainably retrofit old buildings, and how to make maps using programs like ArcGis!) but my specialties lie within brand design.


I'm a big fan of powerful branding and communication. In fact, I'm teaching a class on Brand Identity and Graphic Design at UC Berkeley! During my free time, you can find me keeping my one (1) succulent alive, listening to the Dissect podcast, or eating chicken wings. Please do not hesitate to talk to me about all of the above, or anything else really. Check my Instagram @edgykatrina or this fun page for extra graphics.

some  cool & nice press articles

I hope you enjoy my website. If you don't, here's a little something special to make up for it. 

Let's Talk.

Whether you want to discuss all things design, ask me any questions, or argue with me about the best and worst typefaces (I have a crush on the typeface Mabry) come chat! 

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