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The Fore

In December 2018, I joined The Fore as a design intern. The Fore is a company based in the Philippines that aims to bring independent, local artists to the spotlight (or to "the fore") through design collaborations. The Fore promotes responsibly and ethically made items.  One of my first tasks was to help them update their website (specifically, the home page).  Though this is just a small sample of my work, most of my designs cannot be shown due to an NDA.


Home Page

Visually, I felt that the font colors (the black logo against the dark background, the drop-down menu words against the light-colored box) blended in with each other. I also noticed that the home page lacked typical features of an e-commerce website like a search bar and a shopping cart icon. The photos seemed like they were spaced too far apart.

I also noticed that users had to go through the About page to contact The Fore, and the Contact page mainly served as a place for customers to voice feedback. Since I had actually used this page to inquire about any internship openings (rather than leave feedback), I thought about how different users with different kinds of needs were limited to this one contact point.

I decided to write down a few initial notes and suggestions for the Home page. I wanted to incorporate elements like a shopping cart icon, a search bar, an icon labeling the country of the user (which determined the currency of the website and the shipping site of a user's orders), a subtle indicator that told users to scroll further down the page,  and most importantly, a more organized method for different users to contact The Fore, conveniently on the Home page. 

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I also did some rough digital mock-ups so that the design team  could visualize my suggestions.  

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At first, I thought of splitting the contact page into two categories: shoppers and everyone else. I thought the two categories could lead to two separate emails. Looking back, I think that being more specific with the categories creates a more organized system. With the help of the design team, these mock-ups were refined and  implemented on the website:

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