For my first personal branding project (Fall 2017), I decided to conceptualize  Quixotics - a brand made for dreamers, by dreamers. Quixotics doesn't simply sell clothes, it sells something that makes all people feel comfortable and confident enough to take on the world. From athletic gear for the aspiring triathlete to chic sweats for a future CEO starting their business out of  their garage,   Quixotics is for anyone working to turn their dreams into realities. Quixotics puts a positive spin on the dictionary definition of quixotic:  "unrealistic and impractical." It supports the idea that there is no such thing as someone "too idealistic."

Brand Guidelines: 


Freeform gradients, 

bold colors,

black background/white text,

smiley face

Different versions of packaging: shopping bags and boxes for customers. 


Whether you want to discuss all things design, ask me any questions, or argue with me about the best and worst fonts,  come chat! 

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