Over the last 3 years at Berkeley, I've designed for various organizations and clubs on campus. Here are a few pieces of selected work, starting with Superb,    a student-run organization dedicated to providing entertainment through concerts, games, screenings, and more.

superb flyer-03.png
The Office Trivia_flyer.jpg
JOJO RABBIT_flyer.png
superb phone-01.png

The Daily Californian is an independent, student-run newspaper of both UC Berkeley and the city of Berkeley. As an illustrator on the design team, I created visuals for editorial articles. 

dailycal_DailyCal Design Test.png

The Cool Climate Network is a program dedicated to providing eco-footprint and carbon calculators for the general public in order to promote the transition to a clean energy economy. As the lead designer of the Visualization Team, I created graphics and visuals for the Cool Campus Challenge, an annual energy saving event that all UC campuses participate in.

ccn wi-01.png
A Sustainable World.png