Innovative Design

Innovative Design is UC Berkeley's largest premier, student-run creative agency. Made up of graphic designers, photographers, and web developers, the agency hosts campus-wide creative events.  


Innovative Design Fall 2019 Recruitment


During the Fall 2019 semester, I served as Vice President of Marketing. Alongside my co-lead Samantha Sujo, I led a marketing team and designed digital and print assets for Innovative Design's events.

HEX Fall 2019 Workshops

website innod-05.png

HEX (Hone and Explore) is a 3- weekend series of free design, photo, and web workshops led by members of Innovative Design. In an effort to spread accessible design education, HEX  is open to the general public, regardless of design experience. I came up with this semester's theme of "Travel" and created flyers and stickers to distribute around campus. 

Innovative Design Fall 2019 Banquet


At the end of every semester, Innovative Design hosts an internal banquet to showcase and celebrate   all of its members' work. This semester's theme was "Winter Ball."

Innovative Design Spring 2019 Recruitment


Before I became Vice President of Marketing, I was a member of the Marketing Team.  I  illustrated the computer and keyboard and came up with the slogan "Calling All Creatives" in order to promote the club's inclusivity and encourage all creative types - photographers, web developers, artists, etc.    (not just designers) to apply. Special thanks to David Xie for the beautiful typography on the front of the flyer!

RGB 2019 Speaker Series: Let's Talk Design

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RGB (Reach, Grow, Build) is an annual design conference featuring speakers from top design agencies and tech companies. Complete with workshops and talks, the event was held to spread design education to the general Berkeley community.  Our team created flyers, posters, and pins to market the event. I was personally in charge of designing the "Let's Talk Design" poster and buttons.

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HEX Spring 2019 Design Workshops: Dive Into Design

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HEX (Hone and Explore) is a biannual weekend of free design workshops led by members of Innovative Design. In an effort to spread design education, HEX  is open to the general public.   I worked with Samantha Sujo and Meria Ogawa to create the stickers. I personally created the two stamps - the scuba diving girl and the HEX beach.

Cal Day 2019


The Innovative Design Marketing Team created flyers to hand out to prospective and incoming freshmen for the campus-wide annual Cal Day. We were inspired by BINGO cards and wanted to encourage students to explore Berkeley.